Yiwu Electric Toys Are Popular with Foreign Purchasers

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Yiwu Electric Toys Are Popular with Foreign Purchasers

Almost each purchaser who have been to Yiwu market may be attracted by the various electric toys in the passageway. Yiwu market has a variety of electric toys on sale with shapes and designs more and more personalized and full of hommization. There are special toy car, drift toy car with music lights, spinning toy car and crazy toy car etc., apart from the ground running toys, sky flying electric remote control aircraft is especially loved by buyers.

Without hearing the dealers’ description, the reporter can feel the wide popularity of electric remote control cars. Each time a reporter visited the market, if he/she saw a circle of people around, it’s likely that they were attracted by a super “crazy” toy car!

“Basically, we will put several electric remote control cars in front of our booths and have a staff to present to buyers how to operate.These toy cars are generally more expensive than normal, so many buyers didn’t decide to buy.” In Yiwu International Trade City District 1 – Toys Market , the reporter saw many consumers are circuseeing a staff operating a remote control stunt toy car. Under the operation, the car can sometimes run fast forward , sometimes turn left rapidly and it can even shift in an instant. With music and lighting effects in the car, even adults may be crazy for it, not to mention children.

It’s learned that electric toys such as remote control airplanes, music stunt remote control deformation cars and large tanks etc. are relatively more favored by foreigners. From time to time, there will be some foreign wholesalers who come to the market to place purchasing orders with a bag of toys.

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