yiwu market

A new invention in yiwu

Nine Hunan people to establish a “base place” in Yiwu sowing “seeds of science and technology”, they used “vacuum collection toilet technology” and “green technology property services,” moved the civil aircraft toilet into people’s homes. This information reported by yiwu news Foreign monopoly “technology problem” is broken One of the biggest feature of the invention […]

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Yiwu Hot hammock

The arrival of summer, in Yiwu if you want to have a rest away from the hustle and bustle in the afternoon, hammock is definitely your best choice. Yiwu Futian market is now selling hot hammock. Simple and easy to carry, the more in quiet place, the more easily set up a hammock, just need […]

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Yiwu market dynamics

With the summer holiday coming, yiwu market face dynamics period, there are eight commodities index. Cave kid shoes have good market in domestic, but cloth shoes sold good in Europe and America market. The index of cloth shoes price are 100.31 points this week, fell slightly. With temperatures steadily climbing, cloth shoes industry recently have […]

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Digital painting

Spending more and more avant-garde ideas of today, more young people began to fast-food type of interest in works of art, of which there are various styles of digital painting. Digital painting, also known as digital painting and oil painting coding, It is through a special process make painting into the lines and the number […]

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The forecast of Run trends in the yiwu industry in July

Cultural and office goods, needles • textiles, daily necessities, shoes, toys on five industry price index, economic index both rose, driven by the cyclical impact of consumer demand, industrial orders increased, efficiency increased, the size of transactions will continue to rise slightly higher. Crafts, sports and entertainment goods, care and beauty products industry, the economy […]

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the most expensive umbrella 2000 yuan in Yiwu market

The city of Yiwu International Trade umbrella products mainly from Shangyu, Dongyang, Wuyi, Fujian, and Yiwu local, since most products targeted at low-end domestic and international markets, the quality and appearance are not too overhangs. “Do not want to sell premium-priced, but these products do not put out good sales.” A market umbrella dealer from […]

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The development history of yiwu

Thirty years ago, Yiwu is still a small poor agricultural county in Zhejiang center, people are less (mostly red hills), the Quartet meets the land, Yiwu is the habit of doing business since ancient times, the famous “feather-for-Sugar” is the Yiwu traditional means of livelihood in the planned economy era, but it becomes attack targets, […]

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Yiwu market prospects visible

E-commerce is new economic activities of network. Yiwu merchants keen commercial , at the beginning of the rise in e-commerce they has recognized the commercial value of the Internet, almost simultaneously involved in e-commerce with Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities. Back in 1997, Yiwu have a never ending “Online Commodity Fair” .in 2010, the […]

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Portable porous socket in Yiwu

Hot portable porous socket in Yiwu “This is a good shape socket, surrounded can be used, just do not know if the socket will trip when much electrical plug in?” after careful observation of the portable socket in Yiwu an old customer ask for the new product in a hardware appliance shops in Yiwu futian […]

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