Yiwu Hot hammock

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The arrival of summer, in Yiwu if you want to have a rest away from the hustle and bustle in the afternoon, hammock is definitely your best choice. Yiwu Futian market is now selling hot hammock. Simple and easy to carry, the more in quiet place, the more easily set up a hammock, just need two tall trees. Lying in a hammock reading or holding laptops, and so on until one afternoon, very comfortable.

According to Liu Qingyan Taobao agent who is special outdoor products business said that mostly young people to buy, It is understood that the retail price at between 20-100 yuan, the hammock of yiwu wholesaler online business has more than 30, mainly for goods canvas hammock and rope hammocks. According to statistics, every week having out of the hammock from the city’s express courier has up to 30,000 pieces. The highest online sales record is more than a week 1000 pieces.

A yiwu market supplier said the hammock is unlike the tent is a separate closed system, when used hammock in camping should be prepared a slightly long plastic film ,the width of two meters, Yiwu weather in summer is abnormal, when it rains covering the film on the top of the hammock so that it can be a good defending. It should also be prepared an appropriate size of gauze, place the gauze with the same method of the film which need placed in the head of the camper, and then with a clothespin put it together with the hammock, you can successfully prevent mosquito bites your head.

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