A new invention in yiwu

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Nine Hunan people to establish a “base place” in Yiwu sowing “seeds of science and technology”, they used “vacuum collection toilet technology” and “green technology property services,” moved the civil aircraft toilet into people’s homes. This information reported by yiwu news

Foreign monopoly “technology problem” is broken

One of the biggest feature of the invention is the “vacuum set toilet technology “applied to the civil toilet, only 0.5 to 1 kg water every time , achieve a goal of saving water, odorless. In the past, “vacuum set toilet technology” are monopolies by foreign, generally used in aerospace, military, high-speed railway, But in the future yiwu port also come out.

“Technology seed” germination in Yiwu

Since 2007, due to lack of funds and land, Liu Yuqi team’s floating around, looking for shelter site for the community.till June 2009, they sown in Yiwu Economic Development Zone, “Zhejiang University Venture Incubation Center” soil. yiwu agent in the business of Mengzheng Qing, Liang Hui, Liu Yong, Wang Xiangru those four Hunan, raising 500 million yuan, according to 50% of the shares, with Liu Yuqi team five technicians, cooperated register company in yiwu ,the real M & E Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang

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