Cultural and office goods, needles • textiles, daily necessities, shoes, toys on five industry price index, economic index both rose, driven by the cyclical impact of consumer demand, industrial orders increased, efficiency increased, the size of transactions will continue to rise slightly higher.

Crafts, sports and entertainment goods, care and beauty products industry, the economy of three major categories will up, prices fall, the procurement of goods above the industry into the peak season, new products increased, the old make up a single customer, back to a single frequency, selling price is expected to continue.

Electrical and electronic, jewelry classes, materials and packaging types, watch glasses index up and down following price index, the persistence of price pressures, profit margins are squeezed, consumer demand remains stable, the main yiwu market outlook to stable .

Clothing & Accessories, bags, metal and electrical materials those three major industry sentiment index, the monthly price index both fell on domestic foreign demand weakened, the overall turnover of the industry slowdown, in July, will enter a period of adjustment.