Yiwu market dynamics

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With the summer holiday coming, yiwu market face dynamics period, there are eight commodities index.

Cave kid shoes have good market in domestic, but cloth shoes sold good in Europe and America market. The index of cloth shoes price are 100.31 points this week, fell slightly. With temperatures steadily climbing, cloth shoes industry recently have a steadily market. In Domestic sales side, stylish in a variety of red canvas shoes are popular with young people, strong sales potential.

Ornaments folding leather frames mainly sell to the Middle East and Europe. Arts and crafts class this week price index is 99.05 points, lows. Recently, art crafts industry as a whole remained stable. In Domestic sales, the metal frames, plastic frames, glass photo frames and other products have a good sales potential.

The sale of Printed scarf doing well, and a substantial sale of scroll wave wig. This week price index of Hair jewelry class is 99.87 points, slightly down. Summer Hair accessories market transactions gratifying. Domestic side, there are a variety of flower petal and pearl inlaid hair jewelry, welcomed by buyers

Adorable cartoon playing in the water toys are favorite by the parents, and children carpet sought by foreign buyers. Baby Toys price index was 100 points this week, remained stable. Market tended to increase with the baby bath toys, as recent sales hit.

Gel pen as the recent domestic hit. Tools write the price index is 103.73 points this week, slightly down. Externally, Cartoon Ball Pen favored by foreign investors, a considerable amount of exporting;.

Sunglasses give priority to high-grade swim goggles recent bullish outlook in domestic, Glasses of price index is 100.75 points this week, after a fall. Glasses in busy season, domestic and foreign trade industry sales clinch a deal in good condition. Sunglasses, with low price of export products, sale in domestic market is mainly by the upscale;

Summer training to promote instruments increased flourishing, retail sales overall gear products rise. Entertainment supplies class this week price index is 101.08 points, a modest rise. To the hot weather, leisure and entertainment products in recent replenishment by old guest, and sales trend slow.

Lock to foreign trade with small order, but key embryo become the mainstream. Lock accessories sales of price index is 104.04 points this week. Locks industry in the near future will come out new products to the market, sale in domestic market prices have up, and the foreign trade sales in small quantities to give priority to.

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