Digital painting

by | Jul 8, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Spending more and more avant-garde ideas of today, more young people began to fast-food type of interest in works of art, of which there are various styles of digital painting.

Digital painting, also known as digital painting and oil painting coding, It is through a special process make painting into the lines and the number sign, drawing as long as fill corresponding marked numbers paint in the areas marked with numbers, you can complete the hand-painted products. Also make the slightest basis people immediately draw an amazing work of art, and enjoy the process of painting fun. Therefore, digital painting also foster children’s intellectual development and painting skills functions.

From the unknown began to occupy the domestic arts and crafts market, the digital painting experience a new product by the consumer guide to marketing than to the strong sales process. Digital painting popular in the country not so long, but there are already considerable market share, especially in e-commerce become more prominent. Digital painting shop franchise, more than 200 pieces shipments per week. In Yiwu International Trade City, reporters see the painting shop have achieved hundred, the market influence and size are growth incresing.

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