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Yiwu wholesale caps

Yiwu wholesale caps Yiwu wholesale caps have many advantages that you are worth to go to the Yiwu market and have a look. As well known the international city of its commodity trade business, it attracts suppliers from all of the country becoming the Yiwu wholesale caps market. On the second floor of the Yiwu […]

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Largest wholesale market in China

Largest wholesale market in China In China,There are 2 popular wholwsale markets which people always goes to .The largest one is yiwu futian market.another one is guangzhou market. Yiwu futian market is divided into 3 parts according the time of its starting.The first part products is jewellery,oranments,toys.The second part is hardware,home appliance,clocks&watches,umberlla,suitcase,stationery.The third part is […]

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Yiwu Buckles

Yiwu Buckles Yiwu buckles can be found in the Yiwu trade market distract 2, the second floor, there are many shops selling hardware accessories. Most of the shops have their own factories, so you can make orders whatever the quantity is. There are many kinds and shapes of Yiwu buckles here in the Yiwu market. […]

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Jewelry wholesale in China

Jewelry wholesale in China  Nowadays, more and more fashion girls and boys would like to collect and wear beautiful jewelry, so the jewelry market is booming. But don't you think its trouble to find the jewelry you want from one place to another? If you come to Yiwu market, you will see how wonderful jewelry […]

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Ice watch china Wholesale

Ice watch china Wholesale Ice watch China wholesale is well known around the world. Fashion design makes the watch very popular in many contries and areas. And the quartz movement makes it available for both man and lady. What's more, it not only has the top-level quality, but also competitive price. Small order is acceptable […]

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China wholesale Clothes

China wholesale Clothes China wholesale clothes in yiwu are mainly refers to Huangyuan Clothing Market of the International Trade Mart. Situated at Xiuhu–Yiwu’s most prosperous business area, Huangyuan Clothing Market of China Commodity City covers a total area of 117 acres and a total building area of more than 420,000 square meters. With an overall […]

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Yiwu wholesale market for photo Albums

  Yiwu wholesale market for photo Albums Photo Album also known as album or photo set,it  is used to put in a photo of the items. The album is mainly used for the collection and protection photos. Album are  of a variety materials,usually made of cardboard or PVC. The surface of the album is usually […]

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Yiwu Cosmetics Market

Yiwu Cosmetics Market Yiwu Cosmetics Market is located in Binwang Road of Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is adjacent to the train station and Binwang bus Termina, so the transportation there is very convenient. Cosmetics market includes five business districts and the professional streets surrounding it. There are a total of more than 500 […]

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The Weather and Transportation in Yiwu

  Yiwu is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, China. Yiwu belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. And the weather is mild and humid. Yiwu possesses abundant light and heat resources and the rain and heat is over the same period. The annually average temperature in Yiwu is around 17 […]

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Yiwu Hotel

  Yiwu Hotel Yiwu Hotel is a four-star business hotel. It is located in Binwang Road No.103. The east of it is close to Bingwang market and the west of it connects the railway station. Also, it is only 15 minutes away from Yiwu Airport so the transportation there is very convenient. Yiwu Hotel has […]

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