Largest wholesale market in China

Largest wholesale market in China

In China,There are 2 popular wholwsale markets which people always goes to .The largest one is yiwu futian market.another one is guangzhou market.

Yiwu futian market is divided into 3 parts according the time of its starting.The first part products is jewellery,oranments,toys.The second part is hardware,home appliance,clocks&watches,umberlla,suitcase,stationery.The third part is daily necessories,kintted garments,underwear,shoes.About these products,they have big advantages of price in yiwu.Because of this reason,many foreigners like to go to yiwu to make orders than guangzhou.But guangzhou also have their own adventages.Most of yiwu’s home appliance and furniture are from guangzhou.In guangzhou, People which to place the orders need to reach to the wholesale owners MOQ.Because they are the direct factories,if the quantity couldn’t fit for their requirement,they will lose many materials,the profit is lower for them.So maybe the business will be cancel.But for yiwu,many of the products have stock,they can maybe order a little quantity as their want to ,also some times ,the suppliers can give them a discount.

Yiwu futian maket is the heaven of the foreigners’ business.Not just the price,but the qulity and quantity,Yiwu futian market maybe is fitter for the needs.Also the yiwu agent,is their necessory part for their business.So if you want to find a realiable agents,pls don’t hesitste to contact with us.We are here waitting for you.

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