Ice watch china Wholesale

Ice watch china Wholesale

Ice watch China wholesale is well known around the world. Fashion design makes the watch very popular in many contries and areas. And the quartz movement makes it available for both man and lady. What's more, it not only has the top-level quality, but also competitive price. Small order is acceptable if you want to make an order.

Ice watch has more than thirteen colors, and it is suitable for advertisement, promotional, gifts and fashions. And many different designs you can choose. And any logo or brand can be printed or embossed on the strap or digital movement for large quantity function: hour, minute, second display and adjustable. The ice watch also can be waterproof if you want.

If you want to know more about the ice watch china wholesale(yiwu watch market), please feel free to contact us, we are very to serve you(why to choose amanda).

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