Yiwu Cosmetics Market

Yiwu Cosmetics Market

Yiwu Cosmetics Market is located in Binwang Road of Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is adjacent to the train station and Binwang bus Termina, so the transportation there is very convenient. Cosmetics market includes five business districts and the professional streets surrounding it. There are a total of more than 500 business households in the market and covering a business area of over 15,000 square meters. Yiwu Cosmetics Market mainly engages in a variety of color cosmetics, skin care products, cleaning supplies, and so on. The environment in Yiwu Cosmetics Market is beautiful and pleasant. The market is well-equipped and fully functional. In the meantime, its commodities rradiate all over the country. Yiwu Cosmetics Market is one of the largest cosmetics market in China.

Therefore, if you want to purchase or wholesale some cosmetics, Yiwu Cosmetics Market is a good place. Not only can you buy different kinds of cosmetics there, but also you can enjoy the comfotable environment there. Hence, it will become a unforgetable experience for you.

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