Yiwu Hotel


Yiwu Hotel

Yiwu Hotel is a four-star business hotel. It is located in Binwang Road No.103. The east of it is close to Bingwang market and the west of it connects the railway station. Also, it is only 15 minutes away from Yiwu Airport so the transportation there is very convenient. Yiwu Hotel has 210 sets of guest rooms, a Chinese restaurant, a Western restaurant, a coffee shop and more than 20 different styles of boxes. The hotel also has other recreational facilities like the nightclub, sauna center, bowling alley, gym, billiards room, table tennis room, chess room, beauty salon, Music cafes, sky gardens and so on .The hotel also features a business center, shopping malls, a reception room and a conference center. Apart from these, Yiwu Hotel has luxury boxes (triple sets, Erlian sets box), coffee shop and cafe, which serves a variety of Eastern and Western dishes.

At night, you can walk out the hotel to wander in Binwang Road after supper. Walking in the street, you can enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Yiwu and experience the life atmosphere in Yiwu. Certainly, you can also choose to do some exercise or relax yourself in the certain places of the hotel.


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