China wholesale Clothes

China wholesale Clothes

China wholesale clothes in yiwu are mainly refers to Huangyuan Clothing Market of the International Trade Mart.

Situated at Xiuhu–Yiwu’s most prosperous business area, Huangyuan Clothing Market of China Commodity City covers a total area of 117 acres and a total building area of more than 420,000 square meters. With an overall investment of RBM 1.4 billion, the market is to be put into operation in April, 2011.

 Huangyuan Clothing Market is positioned to be a professional clothing market following the internationalization, branding, and diversification development trend. It is favorable in enhancing the competitiveness of clothing markets of Yiwu, and propelling the specialization and upsizing development. In order to optimize the industry layout, strengthen the competitiveness, and highlight the scale advantages and market opportunities, Huangyuan Clothing Market sets five business categories from 1F to 5F which are: men’s clothing, leather outfits; women's wears; children’s wears; jeans; sleep wears, woolen sweaters, sports wears, and shirts respectively.

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