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Yiwu nail polish bottle

Nail polish is a lacquer applied to human finger or toe nails to decorate and protect the nail plate. Today’s nail polish is a refined version similar to the paint on vehicles. However, its formula has been revised repeatedly to prevent the cracking or flaking that occurs with the natural movement of the nail. Modern […]

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Yiwu Special Business Streets

Yiwu Special Business Streets There are 8 Special Business Streets in Yiwu China. 1. Yiwu Zipper street, about 300 booths 2. Yiwu Music street, about 300 booths 3. Yiwu Auto accessory street, about 300 booths 4. Yiwu imitation jewellery street, about 400 booths 5. Yiwu Arts and Crafts street, about 300 booths 6. Yiwu lighter […]

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Yiwu bike

Yiwu bike Yiwu bikes are also called bicycle,usually used by foot ,is also called green vehicle.bi in bicycle or bike represents two,and cycle represents wheel.it is very popular among young people,bike is a traditional industry,because of environment protection and the transport,bike has become more and more popular ,especially in improving country.In Yiwu,you may see many […]

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Yiwu adornment

Yiwu adornment Now jewelry is sometimes regarded as a way of showing wealth and also posses some minimal functionality, such as holding a garment together or holding a garment together or keeping hair in place. Jewelry is a form of personal adornment ,manifesting itself as brooches ,rings necklaces ,earrings and bracelets ,jewelry may be made […]

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Handbag wholesalers in Yiwu

Handbag wholesalers in Yiwu If you are still struggling to find the handbags from one place to another, please come and see handbags in Yiwu. There are many handbag wholesalers in yiwu market; most of them have their own factories. They can design every kind of items you want to. And they can also do […]

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Yiwu sunny craft factory

Yiwu sunny craft factory Sunny beads are an online wholesaler of various styles and materials of Pandora beads, Swarovski beads. Pandora jewelry, Pandora charms. Pandora bracelet. Pandora leather bracelet. Pandora clips. They are able to provide high quality products with most competitive price and free quality photos without watermark for suppliers to enhance you’re online […]

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Yiwu cosmetic

Yiwu cosmetic Cosmetic has become a fashion .Especially in the workplace, makeup represents polite to people. Whether adults or children, loving of beauty of heart, everyone has in each era. Now if you want to attract customer’s attention and make a lot of profits. Why not come to Yiwu and browse the market? Yiwu is […]

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Korean fabric market

Korean fabric market As the old saying: Buddha by Gold, clothes make the man. With the improvement of people’s living standard, people has higher requirement to dress. They choose clothes not only depend on the designs or the styles, but more on fabric and comfort level. More and more people begin to putting fabric as […]

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Yiwu Industrie

Yiwu Industrie In recent years, Yiwu City vigorously implemented the "commercial promote the development of the yiwu industrie", "trade and industry linkage" strategy, advancing with the times, blazing new trails, industrial economy gained rapid development . It was not only become the main motive force of yiwu national economic and society, but also provide a […]

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Yiwu jewelry

Yiwu jewelry  Yiwu jewelry market is located in the international trade city district 1. There are many jewelry show shops here. And inside every shop there are several of jewelries such as headdress, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, rings and so on. Yiwu jewelry market is very famous all over the world. It has attracted many […]

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