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The Timetable of Yiwu Bus Station

The Timetable of Yiwu Bus Station There are two bus station in YIWU city, Binwang Bus Station and Jiangdong Bus Station. Here are the newest TIMETABLE of YIWU’s two bus stations. Jiangdong Bus Station: To Yongkang, you just only wait around 10 or 15 minutes. The first bus begins at 05:35 am. The last one […]

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Yiwu city center hospital

Yiwu city center hospital Yiwu city center hospital (former municipal people’s hospital) was founded in February 1941, and now is the largest collection hospital which is intergrated in medical, first aid, teaching, scientific research and prevention health. It has been awarded as the Provincial Civilized Hospital, Provincial Green Hospital, the Provincial Health Advanced Unit, JinHua […]

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Dongyang China Woodcarving City

Dongyang China Woodcarving City Dongyang China woodcarving city is located in Dongyang,which is one of the county-level cities in Zhejiang Province. It was invested in full amount by Dongyang government. Now it is the largest distributing center for wooden artwares and woodcarving (rosewood) furniture all over our country. Dongyang China woodcarving city experienced transition and […]

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Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair

Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair was held in Yiwu International Exhibition Center on April 20 to 23. There were 3000 international standard booths and more than 80 thousand professional purchasers from both home and abroad. The transaction turnover reached 4 billion. China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair was first sponsored […]

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The Records of Yiwu

The Records of Yiwu As is known that yiwu is an exoteric international trade city , In addition to this title , there are many records of Yiwu. Yiwu is Chinese biggest trade deal which set up in Middle East , the largest small commodities export base. Yiwu is the world’s largest commodity distribution center. […]

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Never Missed Market –Bingwang

Never Missed Market –Bingwang Yiwu Binwang Market is a very important market in Yiwu, and the history is much longer than the Yiwu International Trade City, this experienced market can let you buy the goods with good quality and unbeatable price! Yiwu BinWang market was set up in 29th Nov. 1995. It is one of […]

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Yiwu Automobile Exhibition

Yiwu Automobile Exhibition Since 2005, the annual Yiwu automobile exhibition has successfully hosted five times by professional contractor car institution — Zhejiang Automobile Exhibition Co. Ltd. Yiwu Motor Show not only builds a good communication and sales platform for the automotive manufacturers, dealers and consumers, but also promotes Yiwu automobile’s prosperity of consumer market. In […]

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Yiwu E-commerce

Yiwu E-commerce Yiwu E-commerce is an important industry in Yiwu commodity market. Since 2007, as the environment of e-commerce gradually improved in our country, Yiwu e-commerce rapidly grew and has formed an e-commerce system today. Developing Yiwu E-commerce is a strategic option, which complies with globalization and informatization. The third-party like Alibaba, Global Sources who […]

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Yiwu customs

Yiwu customs Yiwu customs in the end the fight against intellectual property rights and counterfeit and shoddy goods, zhuhai special action of since the work of intellectual property protection made staggered results, obtained the superior and the social from all walks of life full affirmation. In order to effectively promoting special operations, the launch of […]

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The peace of Yiwu

To implement into step “peace and zhejiang province teleconference spirit, held yesterday afternoon” peace and yiwu “work conference a year, summarizes the review” peace and yiwu “construction achieved for current and future, and a period of peace to create work deployment. Secretary of municipal construction at the meeting stressed that HuangZhiPing “peace and yiwu” is […]

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