Never Missed Market –Bingwang

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Never Missed Market –Bingwang

Yiwu Binwang Market is a very important market in Yiwu, and the history is much longer than the Yiwu International Trade City, this experienced market can let you buy the goods with good quality and unbeatable price!

Yiwu BinWang market was set up in 29th Nov. 1995. It is one of the three mainly important markets. It is located in NO.158 Binwang Road, Yiwu, next to the old train station. It occupies 209 units of areas. And the construction area is 320,000 cubic meters. It consists of 5 districts, cosmetic market and international trade center, total 7 parts. There’re 9000 booths in the market, almost have 17 industries. Bedding Market (formerly Binwang Market) composed by five trading blocks, Publications Center, and the International Trade Center, with more than 8,000 booths and over 20000 business entities in total, mainly dealing with clothing, bedding, is the largest bedding professional market in Zhejiang Province. Most dealers of Yiwu Bedding Market come from Jiangsu Nantong, Yiwu, Dongyang, Yongkang and other places, they rely on Yiwu market, the domestic trade and foreign sales go hand in hand, and foreign sales part accounted more than 60% of the total industry, mainly exported to Middle East, Europe, South America and other places. There is another famous reason — Bingwang Night Market, which is near by the Binwang Market. The total length of this road is 800 meters, not very long, Now it is becoming the busiest street at night in Yiwu. It is begin at 6:10pm in summer, but in winter it will be earlier. When it is the time, the administrator will blow the whistle, and the booth owner begin to set their booth. There are many commodities, children clothes, socks, belts, shoes, plastics, toys, lady and men’s fashion, and baggages, boxes, and also the very famous is the tattoo, there are many booths for tattoo and nail dressing too, there are also many snacks. Also services like street tailors, nail shops and tattoo parlors are dispersed throughout. The quality level is also middle level , suit most customers.

No matter in the day or at night, Bingwang Market is a good choice for shoping. Of course the snack in night market is also very good. Choose there, you will have a good harvest.

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