Yiwu customs

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Yiwu customs

Yiwu customs in the end the fight against intellectual property rights and counterfeit and shoddy goods, zhuhai special action of since the work of intellectual property protection made staggered results, obtained the superior and the social from all walks of life full affirmation. In order to effectively promoting special operations, the launch of the zhuhai’s recent development “the fight against intellectual property rights and counterfeit and shoddy goods special law enforcement months” activities. Now the related units “doubles” special operations on the move, published in succession Settings.

April 12, reporter from yiwu customs that since October last year to start “the fight against intellectual property rights and counterfeit and shoddy goods, achievements since the special action” is. By April 11, suspected infringing goods discovered a total of 219 batch, plan, allowing 798.6 10,000 1393.8 million yuan, total about successfully protected the 23 countries and regions of the 170 intellectual property.”Inside” “outside” linkage system, forming strike force.According to customs offcial introduction, to intensify protection of intellectual property last October, according to the general administration of customs of yiwu is unified deployment and hangzhou customs to the specific requirements of the actual conditions, combining yiwu, acted quickly identified risk have been supervised, inspection and handling of all departments such as responsibilities, straighten regulatory clearance, monitoring inspection, intellectual property rights and so on various departments to implement internal relationship, closely seamless. And through the on-site guidance, electronic mail, fax and so on many kinds of contact superior business departments, make great efforts to realize the unimpeded guiding channels.

Meanwhile,yiwu customs pay attention to “joint”, and the local police, courts, industry and commerce departments, infringement cases reported, information sharing, the case aspects of clues over in-depth exchanges, the content is closely enforcement collaboration to realize the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice seamless docking. And take an active part in local government in its fight against the infringement of intellectual property and counterfeit and shoddy goods, and business, special action of public security, industry and commerce, quality inspection, patent, copyright, the inspection and quarantine and other relevant department together, take joint enforcement, joint conference jointly patrolled and so on many kinds of patterns, and collaborating relaxed discipline.it. Early 2011, yiwu customs and the municipal public security bureau, prosecuted in close coordination with the crimes brigade has involved together and amount, the brand value of higher significant characteristics of intellectual property infringement cases.”Dot” “face”, increase effectively the anti-smuggling level both

In the fight, highlight key case deter ability to ascend. Based on some tort harm during the operation of bigger, social impact of bigger, handling difficult case as a key case investigation.

Yiwu customs end together typical Elaine foreign researchers know fake fake ipr violations. Investigators for the breakthrough, with customs enterprise ShunTengMoGua, dug up behind the actual purchasing foreign personnel, do the investigation forensics work, transfer the case to the local public security department handed over in time. Jinhua city intermediate people’s court has on January 17th make verdict. This case is the hangzhou customs seized and sentences first expatriates ipr violations in yiwu, the foreign purchasers have resulted in a larger repercussions, effectively awe outlaws.

In yiwu area relatively small commodities exports of infringement, the customs incidences always maintain relatively solemn high-pressure situation. To improve the export to Africa, Europe and the United States, Japan and other key areas, key export goods to the check of the destination country, will be the lowest rate by 2.5% guiding inspection rate rise to 5%, special operations were seized during the destination country for African countries export of the infringing goods, with illegal shipments about 19 batches of 108 million yuan.There may be significant security hidden danger of personal safety of influence, users sham tort merchandise campaigns, an appropriate increase in the proportion of these commodities have been supervised examine. To household appliances for example, special operations exhibition since, have seized all kinds of sham tort small home appliance 25 batch, 7 million pieces, involving air switch, electric fan, hair dryer, iron, battery, charger and so on many kinds.”Punishing” “anti” simultaneously, build strong line.Punishment for illegal behavior must be “strictly”, therefore, yiwu customs import and export goods to the illegal behavior increase infringement of punishment. For a year, twice the infringing goods import and export to conceal WeiBao import and export of goods infringing means such as the implementation of single case involving 2 and above the intellectual property right, the infringing goods involving other ACTS in violation of customs supervision provisions behavior, escaping, bribery and other don’t cooperate with customs investigation act, impose a fine value above 20%; Three times more for a year infringing goods infringing an intellectual property right, the huge number, according to the highest percentage (29%) documengts punished.

Meanwhile, yiwu customs also prevent propaganda work earnestly, and actively expand and intensify the market source management manage, foreign trade agency, freight forwarders, customs declaration agency etc staff education guide. To enhance effect in intellectual property protection, the customs exhibition hall as the carrier, education base to build the propaganda, so that ordinary people can close contact with fake products, more intuitive understanding the harm of the infringing goods of the whole society, raise awareness of ipr protection. Hall has been hangzhou customs awarded “hangzhou customs protection of intellectual property education base”, was publicity local government awarded “yiwu education base”, “law of yiwu border protection of intellectual property,” be yiwu demonstration commerce college awarded “yiwu electronic industry and commerce college students legal education base”.

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