Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair

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Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair

Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair was held in Yiwu International Exhibition Center on April 20 to 23. There were 3000 international standard booths and more than 80 thousand professional purchasers from both home and abroad. The transaction turnover reached 4 billion.

China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair was first sponsored in 2006 and it was awarded”the most influential cultural business line trademark fair”. Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair fully exerts its advantages from the internatinal commodity collecting and distributing center. It takes internationalization, professionalization, marketization, standardization and elaboration as its ideas and rules, comprehensively demonstrating the achievements of Chinese cultural business, communicating the development tendency of the world’s culture industry. It actively promotes the exporting transaction of cultural products, the exchange of cultural information, the project coorperation and the development of cultural industry.

Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair can get great fruits also on account of the importance of culture industry. As a “sunrise industry”, culture business line has already become an important mark which measures the economic and social development of a country or a region. Thus this fair always gets great attention from Yiwu government and the municipal Party committee.

In fact, the triumph of Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair not only finds a new way for the development of Yiwu culture industry, but also explores more developing space for this county-level manufacturing majored city. Yiwu people have broadened their horizon and expanded their knowledge. The connotation of the enterprises has also got deeper and deeper. So far, Yiwu has become an important exporting base of Chinese cultural products. Artwares, sports goods, stationeries, frames, etc. are sold to occident market and received the admiration from consumers.

Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair is developing and improving successively, and we also believe that it will get more and more fruits in the future.

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