The Records of Yiwu

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The Records of Yiwu

As is known that yiwu is an exoteric international trade city , In addition to this title , there are many records of Yiwu.

Yiwu is Chinese biggest trade deal which set up in Middle East , the largest small commodities export base. Yiwu is the world’s largest commodity distribution center. First International Exhibition Center Yiwu, Zhejiang, East China second, third in the country. Yiwu China Commodity City awarded the “National ‘observe contract re-credit’ unit,” the title, this is the first market to receive this title. Zhejiang China Commodities City Industry and Commerce Bureau awarded the province’s first “model of credit markets in Zhejiang Province,” the title. International Trade City market as the three largest single building, the airport terminal than the sixtieth anniversary of New China, the land mark of 60, selected the top ten of Yiwu Commodity City, Zhejiang First .Yiwu market, operating a total area of more than 400 million square meters, commercial spaces 62,000, is the power of the world’s largest shopping mall in China’s largest county

National county-level city car has accounted for the most “car time” city national high car density, the highest in the county-level city of China’s first city out of the BMW 4S stores nationwide car first entered the national per capita largest city, the end of 2008 per one hundred family-owned private cars 44 were tourists.

County-level city of the country’s largest airport the most modern intelligence station (put into use in 2006) of Zhejiang the first fully developed commercial city in the country’s first national IP pilot cities to carry out county-level city in Zhejiang Province’s most populous county outside City (the local population of 750,000, more than 130 million native population)

The county (city) Branch was upgraded to the first two branches, the first domestic state-owned commercial banks in the county’s urban area on a secondary branch of the county ranked second in overall strength of the trademark, Chekiang First. Yiwu branch of the postal savings bank micro-credit first in the country’s first county-level cities in China, Zhejiang Chouzhou regional banks —– Total Commercial Banks-scale ranking the province’s counties (cities) first, the end of 2009, deposits 125 400000000 yuan, more than the West Tibet Autonomous Region, and Qinghai, Ningxia and other western provinces close to the scale of

2005,06,07,08 Forbes best commercial city in mainland China, ranked the first consumer spending index.¬† National county-level cash flows for the most dense city, Zhejiang day 1 / 3 of the cash flow in Yiwu, the country’s first and only county-level city in the city of a Customs .Most foreign investors settled in the national county-level city, currently based in Yiwu, more than 11,000 people of foreign workers, temporary entry of foreign 317 751 2009, the number of Chekiang First, density, first in the country the number of foreign resident offices ranked first in the country. December 2009, Yiwu, Permanent Representative of foreign companies reached 2553 Yiwu, the country’s highest foreign attendance outside the airport passenger is 40% or more. Yiwu is foreign as “my favorite cities in China,” by the United Nations, the World Bank, Morgan Stanley and other international authorities jointly issued the “Digital China shocked the world,” the report, Yiwu market is known as “the world’s largest small commodity wholesale¬† market. “.

These tittle has become the highest in history ,but I believe that the joint efforts of the people and government ,these yiwu records not only continue ,but will create more and more the yiwu records .

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