Yiwu E-commerce

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Yiwu E-commerce

Yiwu E-commerce is an important industry in Yiwu commodity market. Since 2007, as the environment of e-commerce gradually improved in our country, Yiwu e-commerce rapidly grew and has formed an e-commerce system today.

Developing Yiwu E-commerce is a strategic option, which complies with globalization and informatization. The third-party like Alibaba, Global Sources who provide extensive online market and information have set their administrative agents in Yiwu city. Thus the e-commerce of Yiwu gets quite many advantages.

Yiwu E-commerce also have many other patterns. C2C (consumer to consumer) is an important pattern in retail business. Now there are more than 23 thousand online stores in our city and their volum of transaction has reached nearly 1billion RMB. Other patterns like B2B(business to business) and B2C(business to customer) are also major forms of Yiwu E-commerce, for their transaction volum rates the most in e-commerce line. Many manufacturing enterprises also have their own online businesses. And this kind of e-commerce have provide these enterprises with quite many customers or clients.

The development of Yiwu E-commerce is closely related to the unique advantages of Yiwu. Firstly, the extensive market is an exceptionally gifted condition. Secondly, the developed logestics provide these e-commerce enterprises with speedy and low cost services. Thirdly, Yiwu is a place which attract quite many clients from both home and abroad. And these clients have formed potential resources for Yiwu E-commerce.

Yiwu E-commerce is running in a healthy, speedy and orderly pattern. And we believe that Yiwu E-commerce will surely have a bright future.

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