Dongyang China Woodcarving City

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Dongyang China Woodcarving City

Dongyang China woodcarving city is located in Dongyang,which is one of the county-level cities in Zhejiang Province. It was invested in full amount by Dongyang government. Now it is the largest distributing center for wooden artwares and woodcarving (rosewood) furniture all over our country.

Dongyang China woodcarving city experienced transition and promotion in November, 2009. Since then, the market has been flourshing and the growth momentum has been becoming more and more powerful.  Dongyang China woodcarving city assembles thousands of well-known manufacturers and the products cover wood carving, root carving, rosewood furniture, ancient style doors and windows, bamboo weaving and carvings, tourist souvenirs and so on.

Dongyang China woodcarving city centers on the principle of “promoting and developing”, accelerating the construction of “four centers”,including national master skill exchange center, handicraft collecting auction center, wooden crafts & woodcarving furniture inspection center and wooden crafts price index servicing center.

Dongyang China woodcarving city is located in the most economically developed Yangtze River Delta economic region, where the newest information could be gotten. At the same time, the exuberant consuming requirement will surely boost the rapid expansion of Dongyang woodcarving city. Dongyang China woodcarving city also attach importance to the publicity and brand building. Since 2009, it has set up partnership with media like CCTV, Phoneix TV, Zhejiang TV and so on. The strong advertising PR and solid media publicity have effectively enhanced the fame of Dongyang city, expanded the sales channels, ensured the stability, development and prosperity of the market.

Dongyang China woodcarving city has become more and more famous, and we believe that it will become a top-ranking woodcarving market in both domestic and abroad.

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