The peace of Yiwu

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To implement into step “peace and zhejiang province teleconference spirit, held yesterday afternoon” peace and yiwu “work conference a year, summarizes the review” peace and yiwu “construction achieved for current and future, and a period of peace to create work deployment.

Secretary of municipal construction at the meeting stressed that HuangZhiPing “peace and yiwu” is a long-term and arduous task, various departments shall, in the New Year took uzziah “peace and righteousness all the construction of new victory for the realization of yiwu better and faster development to make new greater contributions.

Municipal party committee and the standing committee of the SongYingHao standing deputy mayor, presiding over the meeting, MiaoYongFa, Paul, ZhuYouCheng LouLin chien-ming wang, attended the meeting. Meeting made clear this year “peace yiwu” construction of the overall requirement: adhere to the guidance of the scientific concept of development, according to the deepening “two and two mention” theme activities, at the request of the deepening “learn maple bridge, the peace, precipitating exhibition” as the theme, strengthen the innovation social management as the main line, advancing the three key work strictly, shock, emphasizing innovation, often defuse, strong grassroots, efforts to solve the new situation of occurring in the construction of peace new situation, the new question, full force promoting social harmony and stability, continuously consolidate and develop the construction of “peace and yiwu” good situation to yiwu economic and social development, provide a powerful guarantee. In his speech HuangZhiPing fully affirmed in various departments 2010 create “peace yiwu” and dimension stability work. He pointed out that, in the past year, facing the complex international and domestic situations and risk challenge from all sides, the party organizations at all levels in accordance with “two and two mention acting around” requirement, the key, security expo thorough development “learn maple bridge, the peace and promoting development” activities, effectively promoting peace construction each work, take got remarkable social and political harmony and stability, the good situation of further consolidate and development. Just how well the next period “peace and yiwu” construction work, the author puts forward three requirements: a HuangZhiPing accurately grasp the new situation and new tasks, further strengthen the “safety construction only starting point, no end” consciousness, fully realize the importance of construction work pays special attention to the peace and long-lasting, arduous, tight and tight, fine and fine, solid and on-the-spot attention to this work, 1025 “development in zhuhai’s” open good innings, up good step is to provide a powerful guarantee. Secondly, to strengthen and innovation social management, further stimulates social vitality, increase the harmonious factors to solve influence the social harmony and stability outstanding problems as a breakthrough, improve social management scientific level solid righteousness, “peace uriah” construction ascend to a new level. Thirdly, with the implementation of various work safety construction, and further strengthen leadership, carries out the responsibility, innovate the mechanism, condense together, ensure “peace yiwu” construction remain strong vitality and the lasting vitality. Meeting is still in for 2010 annual ZongZhi, dimension stability and peace advanced collective and individual notification commendation, zhuhai 13 thousand all through the “peace thousand, realized the” ‘assessment ManTangGong “.

In the joint efforts of the people and the government, the harmonious and peace of yiwu road will be more walk more wide

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