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Yiwu market dynamics

With the summer holiday coming, yiwu market face dynamics period, there are eight commodities index. Cave kid shoes have good market in domestic, but cloth shoes sold good in Europe and America market. The index of cloth shoes price are 100.31 points this week, fell slightly. With temperatures steadily climbing, cloth shoes industry recently have […]

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Matchbox creative alarm clock

Matchbox is available in every family kitchen in the age of 80’s. Recently, a daily business industry of yiwu used matchbox to design a alarm clock, online wholesale in Alibaba is selling well. This is an open matchbox, which also placed two matches. In fact, the trend is nowadays the most fashionable personalized matchbox simulation […]

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Before May of this year Yiwu Christmas exports doubled

July 7, the reporter learned from Yiwu Customs, from January to May this year, the Yiwu Customs export supplies a total of 814 tons of Christmas, the amount of $ 4,030,000, respectively an increase of 72.7%, and 1.4double. According to Customs personnel, in May each year is Christmas exports start month, then gradually increased exports […]

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Flourish foot massage in Yiwu recent years

Foot massage in yiwu increase dramatic in recent three years. All kinds of foot massage shops rise up like bamboo shoots after a spring shower. At the same time, It is heared that “Yiwu foot massage technician monthly salary is over ten thousand” The foot massage is newly sprouted thing to many people. In these […]

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Digital painting

Spending more and more avant-garde ideas of today, more young people began to fast-food type of interest in works of art, of which there are various styles of digital painting. Digital painting, also known as digital painting and oil painting coding, It is through a special process make painting into the lines and the number […]

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The forecast of Run trends in the yiwu industry in July

Cultural and office goods, needles • textiles, daily necessities, shoes, toys on five industry price index, economic index both rose, driven by the cyclical impact of consumer demand, industrial orders increased, efficiency increased, the size of transactions will continue to rise slightly higher. Crafts, sports and entertainment goods, care and beauty products industry, the economy […]

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Fourth Yiwu Decoration Building Materials Fair held in September

Fourth Yiwu Decoration Building Materials Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Yiwu home Fair”) will be held September 23 to 25 in Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Centre. This home fair by the China Building Decoration Association, China Household Electrical Appliances Business Association, the Chinese record mainly hosted, Yiwu Door Industry Association, Yiwu Xiangda exhibition contractor, the doors […]

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Zhejiang province

Have you heard zhejiang province? zhejiang province is a province located in China’s southeast coast. it is the best economic city in China. Zhejiang province is still relatively well-developed transportation,The end of 2007, Zhejiang province mileage of 99,812 km, highway density is 98 km / 100 square kilometers, accounting for more than two highway mileage of […]

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