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Into July, 2011, China Commodity City the ability of online marketing activities undergraduate show in full swing, every business yiwu wholesale, each participating college students were mustering the strength to compete against, Yiwu Chen shoes as the first time to participate in the activities enterprises, have come to the fore, in the afternoon of 6th, yiwu news journalist in the Baidu search “Chen footwear shop”, the first searching results is the network’s teaching marketing information on the website, the publisher of information — Shandong Ma Chengwei a college junior student in computer application. Reporters learned that in early June, Chen footwear shop was introduced by customer service, and attended the third “college students show the ability of network marketing,” which is host by the Internet Society of China and the China Commodity City. Ma Chengwei is his partner. Chen footwear shoes as participating companies, at the first time contact with the students who claim their Web site links, and to develop a mid-campaign plan, now progressively implemented, and business owners would give a call every night to communicate the day work, timely adjustment of promotional programs.

The boss of Chen footwear shop named Yong Chen Jin, 43 ages, and his partner is the university Ma Chengwei who was 21 years old this year, the age difference was 22 years old. However, in the usual contact, the two are “Brother to Brother” proportionality. One month down, communication is very smooth. “Little brother” Ma Chengwei not only to the specified operating platform updated the product information, but also through micro-blog, blog and other networking channels to help the “Big Brother” chen Yongjin promotion degree of the shop and brand

“I found this is a quite effective way to promote.” Chen felt since have participated the activities, shop flow was significantly increased. People asking exercise price of the goods have sprung up. An import export agent in yiwu Ms. Yang from Hong Kong to Yiwu yesterday found Chen footwear shop through network intends to purchase 8000 pairs of slippers. Chen has promised her to fight the sample. So he is very appreciates the china commodity net.

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