July 7, the reporter learned from Yiwu Customs, from January to May this year, the Yiwu Customs export supplies a total of 814 tons of Christmas, the amount of $ 4,030,000, respectively an increase of 72.7%, and 1.4double.

According to Customs personnel, in May each year is Christmas exports start month, then gradually increased exports to July which will mark the last four months is the export season. The economy of Europe this year has not yet shown signs of strong recovery, coupled with the domestic rise raw material prices, labor costs, finance costs, multiple factors continue to rise business operating costs. However, export enterprises still withstand pressure to give Christmas supplies, in May, it has appeared the good momentum for doubling Christmas which has made ​​a good head in this year.

According to related statistics, the first five months of this year, the average export price of Yiwu Christmas is $ 4,947 per ton, an increase of 40%, and in May the exports Christmas quantity is 524 tons, amounting to $ 1,080,000, an respectively increase of 83.8%,and 1.4-double.

January to May, exports by the Yiwu Customs daily products are mainly exported to Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Iran, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Spain, the United States, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and other countries.