Slowed downed market of Yiwu industry

by | Jul 21, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Yesterday, the reporter of hardware goods of Yiwu Industry Association, now from the current situation, most yiwu market supplier worry about labor costs and skilled workers are more scarcely, worry about the order, some factors are subject to various production costs in yiwu.

Due to the adversely factors including international financial fall back recession of consumptive needs,revaluation of RMB,and cost rise in production and operation,Yiwu saw a noticeable export fall and a continuous slowing down in the growth of industrial production. According to statistics,Yiwu scale-above enterprises achieved a total output value of 21.44 billion yuan,and scale-below enterprises achieved 20.203 billion yuan,which added up to 41.65 billion yuan in total,a rise of 7.8 percent year-on-year.

And there are factory power question, the order date is scheduled to be close when the power to stop a day will bring a series of negative chain reaction.” Yiwu Futian market Christmas items part of the business represented, they are must prepared several generators to cope with the untime power cuts. If possible, also consider establish a separate processing point with the surrounding cities and counties, or to find the right outsourcing business cooperation.

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