Flourish foot massage in Yiwu recent years

by | Jul 11, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Foot massage in yiwu increase dramatic in recent three years. All kinds of foot massage shops rise up like bamboo shoots after a spring shower. At the same time, It is heared that “Yiwu foot massage technician monthly salary is over ten thousand”

The foot massage is newly sprouted thing to many people. In these days, journalists interview some foot massage and health care shops to find out the reasons. What is the reason for its rapid increase of consumption model? Is it the change of people’s consumption opinion and strengthen of health consciousness?

in2008, Yiwu foot massage industry is not so eye-catching. After financial crisis, some strong boss invested in this industry quietly, and in 2009 is a watershed of development of Yiwu foot massage industry. From 2009, foot massage shops have a great scale. Business area has thousands of square meters. It is just like whirlwind are sweeping Yiwu market. People are dazzled about it.

And now there are over 40 foot massage shops in Binwang commercial and trade subzone. Binwang commercial and trade subzone is not big. A businessman who has done business in this district for ten years Zhou Xingyuan, His pedicure club covers an area of 1700 square meters .It has a capacity of hundreds of people to take foot massage, now many newly opening foot massage shops are.

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