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A graduate girl chagall doing business in yiwu

“I immediately fell in love with Yiwu International Trade Market when I stepped into here. I think I could do something valuable in this market. ” chagall blinked and told me that it was the travel in 2008 which made she want to do businee in Yiwu after graduation.”I rent a department in a residential […]

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Getting into the season of socks wholesale

“As orders increased, these days the workers are in a hurry at the goods.” August 11, socks dealers Luo Xiaoping said, “With the end sales socks season approaching, many businessmen began to purchase large quantities in Yiwu market.” Luo Xiaoping introduced, socks both for warmth, but also as a decoration. It could correct Girls leg […]

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measures of heat control in yiwu custom clearance

Since july, the high temperature up to 37 degrees centigrade makes downtown Yiwu like a steamer. Yiwu International Logistics Center Customs Supervision Section, which seems like a huge food steamer in such hot weather,with so many noisy machines and a dense crowd are witness the hard work of Yiwu Customs officers, the 37 degrees centigrade […]

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Provincial E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot city,yiwu

E-commerce Pilot Reform is the single application pilot reform of establishment of “Intelligent Zhejiang.”Intelligent City refers to a intelligentized city which relies on telecommunication network,broadcast television network,and Internet to form a economic framework of knowledge city and be full of originality. Yesterday,journalist knew from the department concerned that Provincial Economy and Informatization Committee has listed […]

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Yiwu European Vogue Experience Pavilion full of hustle and bustle

Recently, the European Vogue Experience Pavilion of Imported Commodities Museum at Zone V of the Yiwu International Trade City was full of hustle and bustle: on a little and dainty T-shaped platform were walking a group of enchanting models dressed in the latest fashions of European and American first-rate brands like PRADA, GUCCI, EMPORIO, MIUMIU, […]

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Index of Yiwu Private Enterprises Rises

Prosperity Index of Private Enterprises Rises to New Record,Yesterday,Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau,Yiwu Private Enterprises Organization published the report of Prosperity Index of Private Enterprises.The report shows that prosperity index of Yiwu private enterprises in the second quarter is increasing.It is ended at 117.97 point and increased by 17.97%.It creates a new record since the […]

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New housewives aprons in Yiwu International Trade Mart District 4

Apron was used to be regarded as a symbol of housewives, yesterday the innovated styles and more fashionable designs housewives aprons sold in yiwu International Trade Mart District 4. In the daily necessities wholesale area Yiwu International Trade Mart District 4,I found there were rich varieties of aprons, ranging from square collar ones, lace braces […]

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Yiwu snow boots starts have a goog market in domestic

before a few days the International Trade City District business households Hanqiu Ling said. “Foreign businessmen began back in April, orders, and after several months of continuous production, foreign trade large orders are basically coming to an end, now mainly domestic orders received, many from Shandong, Xinjiang , Inner Mongolia and other northern cities, buyers […]

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Yiwu government institutions carries out a new reformation

At the beginning of June,the zhejiang provincial government approved the ” Scheme of Yiwu Reformation of Government Institutions”,It will set 30 government work departments after reformation.This number is bigger than common county-level cities.It is the preferential policy to be given to Yiwu to meet the demands of “11+1” meeting and “Yiwu Pilot Reform”. Yiwu has […]

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