A graduate girl chagall doing business in yiwu

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“I immediately fell in love with Yiwu International Trade Market when I stepped into here. I think I could do something valuable in this market. ” chagall blinked and told me that it was the travel in 2008 which made she want to do businee in Yiwu after graduation.”I rent a department in a residential district beside the Yiwu International Trade Market, and rushed to the market everyday, I wandered around in the mart and tried to figure out which product was available for transporting to Venezuela,because it is my hometown”
But chagall knew nothing about the business, so she decided to work for others to gather experience. She is fortune came into a Foreign Trade company,and the boss is a women “As I can speak very good Chinese, my boss celia always bring me when she is out for purchasing, and I am responsible for the translation .” chagall was proud of this. chagall said that Celia believed in her and gradually gave her the focus business. In 2010 after earning the support of his parents living in Venezuela, chagall became the partner of celia.

“chagall could speak very good Chinese and she is adorable here, I feel free when cooperating with her, Now, she is not only my partner, my right hand, but also my best sister.”After hearing Celia’s praise about her, chagall laughed happily. “I believe my future in Yiwu will be getting better, I will get my own business.”

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