A MA degrees couple ’s life in yiwu

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Siyin Liu came from Hebei Province in China, while Abdallahi came from Western African country Mauritania. T hey fell in love with each other when both of them studied in Paris.the Ben Aouf Co.Ltd set up and this couple started their foreign trade business in the Yiwu International Trade Market. “We started our way in purchasing furniture for my uncle, and nowadays our development is in the normal track, we are mainly do the exporting trade in jewelry and daily necessities to the European and African countries.” Abdallahi said their business was getting better and better.Now they had a 3-year-old lovely daughter, and had their own house, their own career. As for them, all these are very satisfactory.
Siyin Li and Abdallahi got married under the testimony of the divisional officer in Paris; then back to China, they together came to Yiwu for their enterprise, and smoothly fought their way out in business. Abdallahi and Siyin Liu’s transnational love, as what we saw, took off in Paris and grew up in Yiwu.”Revolutionary love” developing in library The 21-year-old Siyin went to the romantic capital Paris for study in 2001 . ” I knew nothing about French that time, and turned to preparatory language courses for one whole year.”One day, as Siyin could not figure out a catch question for hours, she finally asked for help to the African boy sitting beside her, and surprisingly found out both of them were actually in the same class.”Afterwards, we always discussed our courses in library, in the second half of 2002, I began my way pursuing her.” Said Abdallahi smiling.
Abdallahi’s uncle was doing furniture business in Arabic, and his goods were purchased in Yiwu, he suggested them doing business in Yiwu , so In 2005 they come to China after graduation, after meeting Siyin’s family.In 2006, Abdallahi began his investigation in Yiwu first. Settling down the detailed preparation in source of goods, warehouses and lodgings, Abdallahi brought Siyin to Yiwu. This couple’s foreign trade is doing very well,His African nationality could lead to African customers; Siyin and his excellent fluent French was with no doubt a definitely advantage in Yiwu; Their MA degrees in Finance could attract European customers; as Siyin is Chinese, the distance between the traders in the market will be imperceptibly shortened,everything is perfect.

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