Yiwu ”changzhang” passenger special railway line settles in Houzhai

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From 2010, yiwu Houzhai economy continually maintained the well development, and its economic strength got further developed.. and In March, 2001, Yiwu city adjusted administrative districts division again, in which Houzhai town was changed into Houzhai Street, as a part of urban area.

Houzhai Street has a gross area of 67.88 square kilometers, it is the center of the north part of Yiwu City.In Houzhai, there are 2132 enterprises, among which 116 of them are above designated size enterprises; with many years of exploitation and development, some advantage industries such as adhesive tape, zipper and textile process etc. have been well fostered. The gross output value of RMB 8.56 billion was accomplished in the whole year, an increase of 12.09% year on year; he town has accomplished industrial investment of RMB 375 million, an increase of 46.6% year on year, among which the total investment of RMB 103 million for 22 technical transformation investment projects.

Houzhai works as the collecting and distributing center between Yiwu urban area and outside world With perfect means of transportation; both Yiwu entrance to Hangzhao –Jinhua Express Way and Yiwu New Passengers Railway Station all locate at Houzhai, there are only 2 km from Yiwu Airport to Houzhai. it is very convenient for people going north and south; in the near future, as the station of Hangchang(a railway line from Hangzhou to Changsha) passenger special railway line settles in Houzhai and with the addition of the construction of road engineering such as the transformation of 03 Provincial Road and the stretching of Yongjun Street, the location and transportation advantages of Houzhai will become more outstanding.

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