Yiwu European Vogue Experience Pavilion full of hustle and bustle

by | Aug 13, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Recently, the European Vogue Experience Pavilion of Imported Commodities Museum at Zone V of the Yiwu International Trade City was full of hustle and bustle: on a little and dainty T-shaped platform were walking a group of enchanting models dressed in the latest fashions of European and American first-rate brands like PRADA, GUCCI, EMPORIO, MIUMIU, and beside the platform there was 100% original Italian red wine, exuding profound fragrance from transparent wineglasses. A fashionable girl was performing the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean with a violin。Mr. Bao, a merchant from Yiwu, picked out one AMANI men’s casual pants with marked price of RMB 1350, and he said: “sale event is held today, and all commodities are cheap after being discounted”

Yiwu Market is an import & export platform that links China with the world, and it is worthy of being operated in a meticulous manner”, said Wang Huibin, general manager of Zhejiang CATRUL Import & Export Co., Ltd., who lived overseas for years and returned to Yiwu City several years ago. This time, Zhejiang CATRUL Import & Export Co., Ltd. which was founded by Wang Huibin and his friends, rent a site at the Imported Commodities Museum to cultivate the European Vogue Experience Pavilion, which is mainly engaged in the operation of thousands of types of middle and high-grade original Italy red wines and international first-rate brands’ fashion commodities.

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