Yiwu Nine categories food sample pass rate reach 95.48 percent

by | Aug 23, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Recently, Yiwu industry and commercial bureau issued the test report on products, the report is for the quality and safety checking. Last month, Yiwu industry and commercial bureau have carried out 698 times around 10248 batch of samples from big malls,supermarkets, focusing vars consumed vegetables, fruits, grain products, salted products, soy products, and other nine categories of food. Among them, 9785 batch samples pass, total pass rate would be 95.48%, and 747.9KG failed foods are cleared timely.
From the specific test results, the pass rate for the fresh vegetables are 98.89% Substandard goods are mainly small vegetables, beans, lentils and other pest-prone vegetables; Dried, pickled vegetables, a pass rate of 86.77%, mainly substandard goods red pepper; Fresh fruit sampling pass rate 100%; aquatic products pass rate 88.04%, mainly fish and other substandard products; soy products sampling pass rate of 87.63%; meat and poultry pass rate of 92.06%, mainly substandard goods cooked beef; Rice products pass rate of 91.14%, substandard products are rice cakes, noodle, etc.; Dry fruit sampling pass rate of 90.42%; protein food sampling pass rate of 100%.

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