measures of heat control in yiwu custom clearance

by | Aug 16, 2011 | Yiwu News

Since july, the high temperature up to 37 degrees centigrade makes downtown Yiwu like a steamer. Yiwu International Logistics Center Customs Supervision Section, which seems like a huge food steamer in such hot weather,with so many noisy machines and a dense crowd are witness the hard work of Yiwu Customs officers, the 37 degrees centigrade outdoor temperature makes it hard to breathe. And the internal temperature of containers tops 50 degrees centigrade, whose surfaces are too hot to touch.
To ensure the supervision over exports and efficient clearance, Yiwu Customs has optimized the arrangements about workers on duty, which i s aimed at increasing working staff during the period of high temperature to decrease the waiting time of container trucks. On the other hand, measures of heat control have been carried out.
With the implementation of the pilot program for the comprehensive reform of international trade, the city has ushered in the peak period for the export of Yiwu commodities.According to Yang Zhongjie, office director of Yiwu Customs, about 1,000 containers receive customs supervision every day since this summer.

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