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Construction yiwu inland port warehouse

Recently, the Yiwu quality supervision station organized a civil works contract about inland port of warehouse, made a completion acceptance for the total construction area of 357,000 square meters, total 582 million yuan ,through on-site survey, data verification, and finally reached by agreement that pass the final acceptance. Meanwhile, the inland port station bending road […]

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Yiwu Join the World’s First Trading Platform for Freight Shipping

In August 19, China yiwu Commodities City Group (CCC Group) and Shanghai Shipping Freight Trading Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement in formal in Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel , marking the world’s largest commodity market and the world’s first third-party centralized trading platform for freight shipping hand in hand. SSEFC is the world’s first […]

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“Walk Zhoushan” rapid development of business

Since the release of clearance mode “New train” between Zhoushan and Yiwu, Yiwu enterprises gradual warming with the “new line” . According to Yiwu customs statistics, in August had been away  363 votes from the Zhoushan Yiwu is the largest export base for commodities in the world, while Zhoushan is a state-level new area owning deep-water harbors. Recently Hangzhou Customs has opened a special green path between Yiwu and Zhoushan by implementing […]

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Yiwu Christmas trading was active

Still time away from Christmas, but Christmas sales has become popular on the Yiwu market,an endless stream of foreign buyers and foreign trade companies come to procurement product. It is understood that this year’s Christmas goods prices are generally slightly higher than last year, but the sales potential are more strong than past,especially popular with the exquisite new products.

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Yiwu Nine categories food sample pass rate reach 95.48 percent

Recently, Yiwu industry and commercial bureau issued the test report on products, the report is for the quality and safety checking. Last month, Yiwu industry and commercial bureau have carried out 698 times around 10248 batch of samples from big malls,supermarkets, focusing vars consumed vegetables, fruits, grain products, salted products, soy products, and other nine […]

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The new flights of Yiwu-Beijing

Yiwu – Beijing flight will be open from September 2, Specific flight time: 7:55 to take off from Beijing, arrives 10:05 Yiwu (CA1879 flight); 11:05 from the Yiwu Airport, 13:35 to reach Beijing (CA1880 flight).on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday .China Southern Airlines already offers a daily Yiwu-Beijing flight. With the introduction of this new […]

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Yiwu ”changzhang” passenger special railway line settles in Houzhai

From 2010, yiwu Houzhai economy continually maintained the well development, and its economic strength got further developed.. and In March, 2001, Yiwu city adjusted administrative districts division again, in which Houzhai town was changed into Houzhai Street, as a part of urban area. Houzhai Street has a gross area of 67.88 square kilometers, it is […]

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A MA degrees couple ’s life in yiwu

Siyin Liu came from Hebei Province in China, while Abdallahi came from Western African country Mauritania. T hey fell in love with each other when both of them studied in Paris.the Ben Aouf Co.Ltd set up and this couple started their foreign trade business in the Yiwu International Trade Market. “We started our way in […]

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A graduate girl chagall doing business in yiwu

“I immediately fell in love with Yiwu International Trade Market when I stepped into here. I think I could do something valuable in this market. ” chagall blinked and told me that it was the travel in 2008 which made she want to do businee in Yiwu after graduation.”I rent a department in a residential […]

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Getting into the season of socks wholesale

“As orders increased, these days the workers are in a hurry at the goods.” August 11, socks dealers Luo Xiaoping said, “With the end sales socks season approaching, many businessmen began to purchase large quantities in Yiwu market.” Luo Xiaoping introduced, socks both for warmth, but also as a decoration. It could correct Girls leg […]

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