yiwu stationery market

by | Sep 1, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Yiwu stationery market is in Yiwu international trade city H zone,  There are more than 2000 factories & wholesalers of stationery & sportware in the market , and resptictively is notebook,stationery set,pencil,ball-point pen,pen,mark pen,adhensive tape,file case,you almost can find all stationery for student or office.

Tomorrow is the time of school opens,  it have take a sale peak period of stationery,a manager door said to me the 3 big primarily stationery sale is about covering books paper, ball pen, pencil. consumption object basically is some pupils, also including part of middle school students.

In yiwu international trade city athree stationery, all kinds of stationery maple syrup, small to rubber, a pencil sharpener, big to bag, pen bag. Yiwu pen bag species richness and varied. There is the most popular pleasant goat pen bag, Korea cloth art pen bag, cartoon animal model pen bag etc. Although these pen bag the price does not poor, but still let many children fondle admiringly.

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