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Do you know the difinition costum

costume can refer to wardrobe and dress in general, or to the distinctive style of dress of a particular people, class, or period. Costume may also refer to the artistic arrangement of accessories in a picture, statue, poem, or play, appropriate to the time, place, or other circumstances represented or described. or to a particular style of clothing worn to portray the […]

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Apparel in yiwu

In many societies, norms about clothing reflect standards of modesty, religion, gender, and social status. Clothing may also function as a form of adornment and an expression of personal taste or style.Clothing can and has in history been made from a very wide variety of materials. Materials have ranged from leather and furs, to woven materials, to elaborate and exotic […]

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Asian bamboo chopsticks

Traditional bamboo chopsticks add Asian flair to any meal. The chopsticks are made from high quality wood material. Hand wash., Stylish performance, smooth, and comfortable. They are perfect for both Asian restaurants and the home kitchen or dining room. Wood chopsticks are the classic style of chopstick that has been used for millennia throughout much […]

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Yiwu market emerge another new trademarket

A few days ago, Typhoon “Nanmadol” landed in Fujian, Yiwu is not affected, just some rain, cool. However, because a lot of media have been reported, part of the trademark speculators keep eyes on his popular term, to be registered as trademarks. “Indeed, some customers have this idea.” Lot of trademark agency official told reporters […]

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“The Star of China’s Exhibitions and Expos”closed at Shanghai

The eighth “The Star of China’s Exhibitions and Expos”,which is held by National city exhibition management office,China’s exhibition industry alliance,”The First Conferences and Exhibitions” magazine ,convention and exhibition industry associations of all provinces, and the prize presentation grand ceremony of China’s exhibition industry brands award of 2010-2011,finally closed at Shanghai. The eighth appraise and election […]

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Overstocks from Yiwu market

With our huge suppliers base in yiwu, we offer stocks from yiwu factories direct. These items are perfect for liquidation and close out buyers, as well as dolloar stores.  We are one of the largest import and export agent in yiwu and have partnership with many overstock dealers in yiwu. If you are looking for stock […]

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Coin bank

With the modern socity development ,more toy daily acessory accepted by people,with a fashion appearance, a culture or an art are more popular. like a  coin bank full of mystery. Drop in a coin and see it disappear. High-quality optics Art Bank is The Coin Bank Full of Mystery. An artistic image appears to levitate […]

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Sanitary wholesale market in Yiwu

Yiwu sanitary wholesale is in the second floor of yiwu commodity trade city four distract, today I introduce several Yiwu popular terms for janitor equipment & supplies wholesale. If you have not purchased many janitorial supplies or pieces of equipment from yiwu wholesale market distributor, then you might not know some of the words that […]

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Discount women clothing

Need wholesale discount women’s clothing in bulk? Amanda99 Dollar shop offers a large selection of discount womens clothing such as shirts, clothes, shoes and underwear. Start saving today when buying womens clothing at amanda49,amanda99 or amanda199 shop! Wholesale women’s skirt and clothing tops, wholesale bottoms, cheap shorts and more discount womens clothes. Buy discount clothing […]

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Baby crochet hats in yiwu market

Having troubles finding the perfect hat to match that designer outfit? yiwu market could customize your own hat and pick your favorite colors with Custom Design Hat. Support your favorite sports team or match a special dress.Whatever the reason you can create your very own hat! Offering some of the cutest & original handmade hats […]

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