Nail polish procuct in yiwu market

by | Sep 3, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Nail polish first popular in the 1990s began in Japan in recent years, gradually spreading to the world, nail products, along with growing Market demand, domestic sales have improved significantly. There are business customers, said nail products are increasingly popular, both young women or older to like it, but also a large number of products sold in Europe and America, the domestic sellers getting goods to yiwu market is increasing.

“This is a device from Korea Electric nail, painted in color to the nail before doing basic care.” Said by  kala  a girl of binwang market . and I think the appearance of this little instrument is more fashionable than the traditional nail apparatus.

In the shop kala picked up on the device supporting the use of five features were introduced grinding head to us, grinding head with a sponge head is clean, use it to quickly clean fingernails, and then head for the nail polish polish another shape, then polished with a flat head modification of the nail surface, grinding head to head with a metal nail polish, nail polish and painted, added nice color. At this time, the shape of a small apple bake a handy device also sent on to shorten the drying time. The device is equipped with a drying far-infrared light, radiation, high frequency, strong permeability, anti-inflammatory sterilization, accelerate wound healing, but also helps the penetration and absorption of active ingredients to improve nail polish adsorption.

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