There are many different badminton racket brandsi in yiwu, some of the most popular includeCarlton, Karakal, Yonex, Kawasaki, Defi, Fleet Wilson, Flying Eagle, strong, Victor, Plutarch, MMOA, Winex,, Adonex,,, ProKennex, A less popular brand that will save you more than a few dollars is Prospeed. Any and all of these rackets are high quality and have their advantages and some have their disadvantages.

In Yiwu commodity trade city, you find high quality babdmiton while should get a good price, in most cases, getting a great quality racket and price you also need to be sure you are getting the right racket for your game and style of play. After all no matter how much you spend on a racket the goal is not to empty your bank account but instead to improve your shots, technique and score.