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yiwu professional auto Parts supplies street is near   Yiwu International Trade City  market district one, the geographical environment is very favorable, it is branch by six trading parts: “zone auto supplies, auto parts area, hardware area, fast repair decorationareas, Foreign Trade Business District , decoration supplies area, ” this market  basically  collected the domestic automotive accessories brands.

Now Yiwu professional automotive supplies Street shops has signed more than 260 businesses, including foreign investors in the Middle East, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Wenzhou, the businesses accounted for 35%;  the Sanmen ,Tiantai and Taizhou region of 50%; Jinhua, Yiwu and other local to households ccounted for 15%.Foreign businessmen accounted for the majority. One assigned to the well-known enterprises in Shanghai Datang Auto Parts chain Limited, Zhejiang auto supplies rooftop Tianhong Limited, Jing Feng Guangzhou Ltd, Wenzhou Kingston, Taiwan excellent car dealers, auto supplies Jinmen Ltd. Hangzhou, Jinhua Angel’s decorating chain enterprises.

Last year, Yiwu City Market Trade Development Council made an investigation and analysis of the top 10 listed industries, including automotive results supplies, auto parts, and automobile market was included in the first one. Not only is Yiwu for the whole of China, the automotive industry, automotive after-market, also known as the last gold. With a strong sales network, logistics and transport network Yiwu has been targeting this market of great potential for development, and started preparations for the international market. Today opened in Yiwu car supplies, auto parts professional Street is moving towards the goal of the first step.

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