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Yiwu issued the resolve selection of short industrial land

Yiwu issued a recruit selection and industrial projects for resolve Yiwu short industrial land. Which requst the project total investment is above 5 billion yuan, an average tax not less than 300,000 yuan / acre per year after production can enjoy a series of preferential policies.Yiwu will give priority to recruit A, B, C types […]

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Yiwu city issued 6761 dairy products permits

End by November, yiwu city dairy license has sent 6761, of which dairy products (excluding baby milk powder) licences is 6084,and dairy products (including baby milk powder) license issued 677. Amanda reporters from yiwu city industrial and commercial bureau of supervision of food learned that in April through yiwu media and yiwu city industrial and […]

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The effulge thing-earrings

Use your earrings to make a lasting impression.Be sure people remember who you are. Earrings can change the entire look of you . You can bring out your softer feminine side, present simple charm, or sophistication and elegance. Yiwu jewelry market have many styles of earrings. There are quite literally thousands of choices. From dangles, […]

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Yiwu market berets

Now is the end of november, Yiwu weather will be more cold in next month, so people are busying purchesing scarves,cotton-padded clothes,shoes,Yesterday I went to yiwu night market, it is so flourish,one of the hot business is yiwu beret. The original Beret was either navy blue or red, but today the beret is available in […]

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Department of Commerce: China Zhejiang Yiwu set an African Products Exhibition Center

Amanda’s Reporters learned from the Ministry of Commerce Web site, the establishment of “AfricanProducts Exhibition Center” is an important content of the fourth ministerial meeting of China-Africa Cooperation Forum announced new measures on practical cooperation, it is also an importance initiatives of China’s launch of the African commodity exports to China. “Center” is located in […]

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Yiwu import growth rate was significantly higher than export

According to Yiwu customs statistics, from January to October this year, the city’s total foreign trade import and export amount to 32.5 billion dollars, yearonyear up 28.7%. Customs officers told reporters that in the first 10 months of this year the import growth higher than export,exports $ 2.95 billion, yearonyear up 26.6 percent, and imports […]

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Yiwu sign a friendly exchange relations with one city in Europe

Yiwu approved by the State Council as International Trade a comprehensive reform pilot, the development and economic planning of Yiwu has risen to the national level, international trade will be support by a number of favorable policy. Yiwu is very much looking forward to European merchants in Yiwu carrying out international trade. Through 5 years […]

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Yiwu market business seemed deserted in November

The season of November should be Yiwu foreign procurement season, but this year Yiwu International Trade City seemed deserted, everywhere carrying a calculator foreign in last year was less . By the debt crisis in Europe and America, the Middle East instability, rising costs and exchange rate changes and other multiple factors, the traditional export […]

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Yiwu can apply for industrial production license

Yiwu Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau officially began accepting applications for the production license of industrial products business since the day before yesterday. Previously, Yiwu enterprises apply for industrial products production license, the application processing and on-site verification of the processes are implemented through Jinhua quality supervision department, which brought […]

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Yiwu International Trade Conference become hot words in China’s marine economy Fair

In November 10, in the marine economy and the rise of Zhejiang Forum and project signing ceremony, as one of Zhejiang three “national strategy”, the comprehensive reform of Yiwu International Trade Conference become hot words, by the wide attention. In November 11, the “scientifically use blue territory, accelerating the transformation and upgrading,” as the theme, […]

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