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Yiwu set a wave of foreign wine

With the domestic wine prices continue to rise, people gradually paying attention to the foreign wine.Scotch whiskey, Italy brandy, France Remy Martin, and so on a large number of famous foreign wines are took the opportunity to go into the Chinese market, and took more concerned by consumers with the affordable price to hold the […]

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Fashion Military Boots Is The Fashion Trend To this winter

Fashion military boots became one of the biggest shoes trend to this Winter season. either flat and high heeled boots in yiwu market. as both practical and stylish in design。Fashion military boots can be dressed up or dressed down. Womens combat boots look fabulous styled with the laces tied up neatly for a sophisticated look. […]

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Yiwu fall and winter apparelFair opening

Since yesterday the 12-day Yiwu fall and winter apparel Fair 2011 was officially opened. Ended on December 19. More than 600 businesses joined the exhibition mostly are come from Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Beijing,Shanghai and Hong Kong’s well-known manufacturers and businesses, nearly thousands of products to choose from. You can find all kinds of cashmere fur, […]

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60 %United States’s Christmas tree made by Yiwu

After half of a month, it is the annual Christmas Day, many of exports who main doing Christmas business in Yiwu international trade city are ushered the most free time in the year. Two days ago, the U.S. Commerce International Trade Commission Department released a new statistics accroding to the current Christmas shopping season. The […]

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Yiwu Tea Fair will opened on December 10

The theme of “China tea, health drinks” of Yiwu Tea Fair will be held on December 10, the exhibition will opening for 3 days.With the unique influence of yiwu International Commodity City, Yiwu Organizing Committee will bring the domestic famous tea enterprises together, to promote Chinese tea culture vigorously and promote consumer health of tea […]

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Yiwu “Credible” units

Yiwu has obtained 6 units SAIC’s “Credible” public title , 46 unit Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Credit AAA “Credible” Enterprise , 104 unit AA-grade Enterprise ,175 unit A-level Enterprise. Now yiwu has 4 Enterprise were identified by Zhejiang Province Trade and Industry Bureau as the new AAA Grade “Credible” units. Yesterday, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial […]

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Yiwu launched direct flights to Chengdu

Starting today, China Air opened Yiwu – Chengdu direct flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and a round trip each day. Details schedule is:10:40 take off from Chengdu,and at 13:10 arrive Yiwu, flight number is CA4537;14:20 take-off from Yiwu, and at 17:10 arrived in Chengdu, flight number CA4538. Currently, Yiwu to Beijing, Yiwu to Guangzhou and […]

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The 12th China (Yiwu) International Hosiery Exhibition

The 12th China (Yiwu) International Hosiery Exhibition is hold on November 23 to 25. Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery, gathered a group of socks, knitting, dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturers from Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Malaysia and other countries, they attract Langsha, Mona, Man posture, Fenli, Yi Ting and other famous socks, seamless underwear manufacturer […]

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