Yiwu issued the resolve selection of short industrial land

by | Nov 30, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Yiwu issued a recruit selection and industrial projects for resolve Yiwu short industrial land. Which requst the project total investment is above 5 billion yuan, an average tax not less than 300,000 yuan / acre per year after production can enjoy a series of preferential policies.Yiwu will give priority to recruit A, B, C types of industrial projects.
Class A industrial projects is a strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, as well as industries have a wide connection, can promote industrial optimization and upgrading and cluster developed traditional advantages industrial projects. the land is sold in the way of “one enterprise one policy “.
Class B refers to featured industrial projects which should be more than 100 million yuan given in total investment of such projects , per unit area investment intensity not less than 2.5 million yuan / mu, the annual average tax not less than 200,000 yuan / acres, the land is sold in the way of auction and tender.
Class C is for small micro-industrial enterprises which give less than 100 million yuan total investment , investment intensity per unit area not less than 200 yuan / mu, the land use “rent-sale” or “one-time bidding (auction)” way.

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