Yiwu market berets

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Now is the end of november, Yiwu weather will be more cold in next month, so people are busying purchesing scarves,cotton-padded clothes,shoes,Yesterday I went to yiwu night market, it is so flourish,one of the hot business is yiwu beret.

The original Beret was either navy blue or red, but today the beret is available in a wide array of colors. Beret hat is look like the face tolerance, has been the cause of the much-loved beret, compared to the petite face, some corners of the large bud caps are suitable for face the thick and loose, the hair side of the points, berets worn on the head gently inclined, lazy and curly hair cute beret unique side by side.
It is also call strong popular wide brimmed hat! Hat is different from the small version of the introverted and shy, wide-brimmed hats even more full of tension, almost the length and shoulder width, so that hat looks more like a flower in full bloom, but the wide brimmed new era hats on the face of the requirement is quite demanding, too fat or too flat in the face facial is not suitable, more suitable for long, thin face, because of its unique qualities even take the sweater or scarf shawl is very casual and romantic match.

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