Yiwu sign a friendly exchange relations with one city in Europe

by | Nov 21, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Yiwu approved by the State Council as International Trade a comprehensive reform pilot, the development and economic planning of Yiwu has risen to the national level, international trade will be support by a number of favorable policy. Yiwu is very much looking forward to European merchants in Yiwu carrying out international trade.
Through 5 years of unremitting efforts of the French Overseas Chinese Women’s Federation, Paris, France region Aubervilliers recently signed a friendly exchange relations memorandum of the two cities in Yiwu, it marking the two cities officially became friendly relations.
Pairs officers Jacques Salvador he led a delegation to visit Yiwu, the main purpose is to close the relationship between the two cities. They are interested in Yiwu municipal building, the construction market, hope Aubervilliers can also set up a well-developed logistics industry like Yiwu, effort to create a ” Yiwu in zone of Paris” and Aubervilliers City is currently the Europe’s third-largest merchandise export platform for China and hope that by deepening economic and trade exchanges with Yiwu, so Aubervilliers City become the largest China’s merchandise exports platform in Europe area.

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