Department of Commerce: China Zhejiang Yiwu set an African Products Exhibition Center

by | Nov 23, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Amanda’s Reporters learned from the Ministry of Commerce Web site, the establishment of “AfricanProducts Exhibition Center” is an important content of the fourth ministerial meeting of China-Africa Cooperation Forum announced new measures on practical cooperation, it is also an importance initiatives of China’s launch of the African commodity exports to China.
“Center” is located in the Yiwu International Trade City , Zhejiang Province, a total area of ?5,000 square meters, focusing on the introduction of African specialties commodity. In order to attract customers in Africa, “center” will give the settled Africa enterprise a certain period of free site use fees, property management fees,etc.such a number of incentives.
October 2010, Chinese Ministry of Commerce official give Award to the “center” ,the “center” was opened in May 2011. It has a collection of Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal,Benin, Niger, Ethiopia and more than 20 countries, more than 2,000 kinds of commodities,including blue, Ph.D., wine, folk antiques, soap stone ornaments, ebony carvings, coffee , textiles,handicrafts and other characteristics goods.
Currently, the investment promotion work smoothly, Mauritania, Togo, Morocco, C?te d’Ivoire and Mid- African countries are exploring applications for traders settled matters.

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