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Yiwu MP3 Media Player

MP3 player is advanced technology music player providing more conveniences and control than any other previous music players. MP3 player is handy pocket size music player carries thousands of songs anywhere. MP3 music revolutionized music distribution in late 1990s. MP3 is one method for compressing audio files. If a song occupies 40 MB space on […]

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Yiwu new Round Alarm Clock

Yiwu new Round Alarm Clock Here is a new simple and all-purpose alarm clock which you can put to good use. I found in yiwu market last week .It is available in three colors (orange, black and green) and is colored in faux leather for a more and elegant look. It runs on AA batteries […]

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Yiwu foot thong wholesale

As we all know, Yiwu is China’s foot thong wholesale market. Yiwu sandals and slippers wholesale market, Yiwu wholesale children’s sand art, Yiwu clothing market, Yiwu bedding set market, Yiwu household goods market and others, Every day china goods from here sended to the world is millions, China’s Commodities around every corner of the world. […]

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Yiwu Commodity City ranked first at Hundred chart

The day before yesterday, in the Seventh Summit of Chinese goods market, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the first “China’s commodity market Hundred” chart. Yiwu China Commodity City, Zhejiang Dongyang China wood carving city, Yongkang China Technology Hardware City, Yiwu Farm city, Yiwu furniture market and so on honored in the list. The poll, […]

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Marble accessories For Your home

Do you look and look for that perfect piece to fit into the room that you are decorating? It might be that you want something elegant, or sophisticated, or just that perfect thing to suit your particular taste. No matter who you are you deserve the very best, everyone does. But just because you have […]

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Yiwu Basalt Stone Massages

These days’ Yiwu stone massages have become very popular and are in active demand. Most of these massages are carried out in?day spas?and therapeutic healing centers. It revives and relieves the body muscles and tissues in a very comforting way. The most?often used stones are known as Basalt stones which are a resultant of volcanic […]

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China International Forestry Industrial Expo held in Yiwu

Second China International Forestry Industrial Expo and Fourth China Yiwu International Forest Products Fair held in Yiwu, Zhejiang province. China International Forestry Industrial Expo approve by the State Council, established by the State Forestry Administration, every four years. China Yiwu International Forest Products Fair was founded in 2008, one year term, has successfully held three […]

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Yiwu Mosaic floor tiles

Mosaic tiles have been used for centuries and are a very versatile tile because there are so many places and different designs that can be created using mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are a common feature in wall tile design and are used as border tiles, backsplash areas and to brighten up smaller and dark spaces. […]

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The common kites in yiwu

There are many different types of kites in yiwu. The simplest kind of kites is the two-stick single plane bow kite. It can be purchased ready-made or it can be assembled from do-it-yourself kits or made completely by hand. For simple kites the sticks can be of any strong lightwood with a straight grain. The […]

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The toy of Yiwu play dough

Play dough is one of the top-selling toys year round in yiwu market. It’s therapeutic and educational — it’s one of the most soothing things one can do besides rocking, and it helps develop hand-eye coordination. We started out thinking that Play Clay is appropriate for kids three and up, but some soft and pliable […]

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