Yiwu city issued 6761 dairy products permits

by | Nov 29, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

End by November, yiwu city dairy license has sent 6761, of which dairy products (excluding baby milk powder) licences is 6084,and dairy products (including baby milk powder) license issued 677.

Amanda reporters from yiwu city industrial and commercial bureau of supervision of food learned that in April through yiwu media and yiwu city industrial and commercial bureau web notice, telephone, visit announcement, tour inspection etc.variety forms, yiwu has supervise dairy products dealers to conduct license and alteration formalities in time, each industrial and commercial bureau has been organized concentration training for dealers and sign undertaking.
At the same time, yiwu city have focused open a special law enforcement, gravity investigated  the dairy products business without permission, and not carry out inspection obligations, distribution unqualified dairy products etc.and other illegal activities,to improve the daily supervision, purifying dairy market.

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