Children’s bags in Yiwu market

Children’s bags in Yiwu market

There are many shops in Yiwu international trade market selling children’s bags. Children’s bags always look cute with the cartoons pictures. You can find whatever you want.

Sometimes you can print your own logo and your own design. Look at the picture above, is it beautiful?

This kind of bag always has two designs: back bag and luggage. This picture is only one kind of them, for more styles? You need to come and look! There are more than 1,000 stalls, most of them are only wholesale shops, they usually do not sell one or two because they are samples and samples are only for customers to check color, style, material and price when placing orders. 

Welcome to Yiwu International Trade City, an open place for businessmen from all over the world, it is a lively and beautiful city, and you can come here for business.

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