Yiwu newspaper

Yiwu newspaper

Yiwu newspaper had experienced name changing several times. The original newspaper is Yiwu Daily, which officially republished in 1st, January, 1992. than it stopped publication in     December, 2003. 

World small commodities start publication in July, 1993.Before 2000 it was hosted by Yiwu trade city group, but it was transferred to Yiwu Daily. In 2003, Yiwu Daily and World small commodities merged into one –World small commodities. At last, it changes into Yiwu business newspaper.

From the name you can get that this is the newspaper specialized in business in Yiwu China. It is about Yiwu international trade city.

The first range reader of the Yiwu business newspaper consists of dealers in Yiwu market, store owners along the street and agency units. The second range readers are Yiwu citizens, villagers. The third range readers are all small commodities market around the world.

The fourth range readers are the businessmen who pay close attention to Yiwu small commodities and Yiwu market.

Yiwu newspaper is a good media that can know the updated news about Yiwu.

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